About the Artist

When I was at art college in the early eighties in England (working on a BFA and MFA), I developed my own program.  At the time many people were doing performance art, conceptual art, and movies.  I researched and experimented with old masters' painting methods and painted still lives and landscapes. I have worked extensively in oil, acrylic and water color over my forty years of art practice (I have even made my own paint!)  With the exception of short periods of time when I work abstractly on large canvases, my work is mostly figurative. I work directly from my subject in water color.  

Over the past thirty years, living in Los Angeles, I have been chronicling the subtle change in seasons by painting the trees in bloom. I paint them directly.  I sit on my fishing stool on the road side, usually on the opposite side of the road from where I encounter them, and paint. 

Another constant vein of my practice has been working from the model. Working in the life room from the figure as an artist, is much like working in a laboratory is for a scientist. It is here that one works out ones fundamental concerns.  For me it is color, form, and the gesture and attitude the model brings. 

As a mature artist, I have enjoyed using instagram. I use it as part of my process. It allows me to look at the images I have just made and see them along side others. 

Painting gives me great pleasure! Through the process I am able to lose my self and engage with the larger universe on a direct level -You never know how something really looks until you try to paint it!

What is an Archival Giclee Print?

An archival giclee print is a fine art print. It is made using a method of printing where color is sprayed on to the paper. The inks used are color fast. The paper is acid free watercolor paper. The fidelity and longevity of the image is state of the art. With these prints side by side with the original, it's hard to tell one from the other! To preserve and protect your print it should be professionally matted and framed. The prints here are very vibrant and so a matte of a least 2 and a half to three inches is a must.